OFF HIGHWAY is a non-profit association with the aim to create experimental and cross-artistic stage performance art of high quality, based on real needs in an unequal society. The association is a group of professional artists with different backgrounds with the common goal to develop methods to dissolve colonizing borders, prepackaged ideas and identities. Through stage performance art we want to create a space for the meetings and conflicts, the poetry and the uncertainty, that the market pushes away. OFF HIGHWAY creates stage performance art for people to get lost and lose track of themselves in. We want to prolong the uncertain point before the categories of understanding is set.

”When I’m at work I have to enter a specific way of thinking to find what’s wrong. And at that moment when I’m fully focused someone often comes up to me and ask something like: ’How’s it going?’ or ’Do you want a coffee?’ That confusion, just before I understand where I am, is what I thought about when I saw your performance.”

                                                                          Metin, electrician, audience at OFF HIGHWAY: darkness descends to show me the world

Indra Linderoth and Nina Jeppsson are actors and performance artists educated at the acting program at Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

They are co-founders of the performance collective TIR (2008) who have been presenting their work in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Istanbul among other places. They are also co-founders of Jordbro Stadsteater (2012)– a manifestation for our commons and an action against privatization, gentrification and the whole capitalist system.

Since spring 2016 they make art together as OFF HIGHWAY.

Link to portfolio: here