Link to video documentation from Fylkingen: here

OFF HIGHWAY: darkness descends to show me the world

With and by: Indra Linderoth & Nina Jeppsson


During winter 2015/2016 we explored which landscapes our voices (body and mind) had access to. The result was a triangular map with one of the corners pointing down. A visual voice-journey we call OFF HIGHWAY: darkness descends to show me the world. An experiment in which we expand ourselves as far as we at the moment dare to, through what we at the moment is, and further on towards opportunities yet unknown. 


OFF HIGHWAY: darkness descends to show me the world was our attempt to travel along the boundaries between the so called human and not human. Asking: Is it possible to temporarily transform/dissolve these violent lines with the help of bodily vibrations? Can we become lovingly open enough for such a deadly attack on the system?



Was shown spring 2016 at:

The Academy for music and drama, Gothenburg

Fylkingen, Stockholm

Dramalabbet, Stockholm

Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm

Rökridån, Stockholm

PotatoPotato, Malmö

”It felt as if you created a space for tears that lasted even afterwards. As if the room expanded and included the whole City rather then me being left behind in the room where you performed the piece.”

”And then when you begun I didn’t know what to think. I was confused and pensive and then I just followed you and the expressions that was the complete opposite to what the first impression told me. Nothing calm. Emotions everywhere. Craziness and strength. transformation. Energy and also laughter.”

”…it was more a physical experience then anything else, it was almost disgustingly beautiful (…) also when you were comic it felt sincere, and all the time: as if you wanted to give us something that you yourself were in search for.”

”I’m thinking about Eco sounder. That you use the voice and the body to listen. And see. Like bats. Instead of using the voice to express a subjectivity, you create a common experience or shared experience.”


Link to short video documentation from Tensta Konsthall & Kontrapunkt: here

OFF HIGHWAY: fog & fox tour

With and by: Indra Linderoth & Nina Jeppsson

Supported by Stockholms Läns Landsting

FOG & FOX​ TOUR is an odd concert for voice and loop-pedal. An experimental sound piece in which we tell poetic and morbid fables with non(common)sensmoral.


"Oh yes, PR leads to death," groaned Rupert Fox and froze in the image of himself.


In OFF HIGHWAY’s second voice journey the search continues towards the outskirts and insignificances of the city/body. We are navigating by a triangular map with one of its tips down: turn our burning blind eyes toward the daylight, broaden our trembling leaking mouth openings, rise on unsteady backbones and reach towards: ? Hear us conjure an uncertain place where the categories of reality and identity crack up

- all should go to waste



On tour spring 2017:


Porten, Jordbro Kultur-och föreningshus

Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm

Cyklopen, Stockholm

Fylkingen, Stockholm

Weld, Stockholm

Kontrapunkt, Malmö

Babels Rehab, Malmö

Inter Arts Center, Malmö